Friday, August 1, 2008

There's camo in my mirror!!

So, I'm driving into work today along Hwy 31 in Vestavia.  I was behind a slow poke in the right lane and like the good driver I am, I put on my blinker and began to move into the left lane to pass this person.  As I moved over, I suddenly noticed a man looking at me in the lane.  OOPS!! I immediatly swerved  back in my lane, caught eyes with the man, waved, smiled, and told the man "sorry, didn't see you."  As he continuted to pass me, I died laughing because this truck was covered from roof to tires in camouflauge.  "I didn't see you, I'm sorry, you seem to blend in with your surroundings" What the heck?!  Camouflage on a truck???  I could just see the police officer's face as I tried to explain to him that I just did not see that truck in my blind spot because he really blended in with his surroundings.  I mean really...

Why in the world would you cover your truck, suv, sedan, whatever, in camouflage????  I mean what is the purpose?  Bambi is not going to see your truck out in the woods and say "Oh no, Bubba is back again, I better go hide."  I can understand wearing camouflage to hunt in because you don't want the deer to see you as you sit for hours in the tree stand.  But why in the world would you feel the need to paint your truck with camouflage??  Does someone actually paint each leaf in detail on the truck or is there some type of wallpaper/wrap material that you apply?

I would of loved to have actually had the opportunity to speak to that man before he pulled into Mark's Outdoors and ask "Why did you paint your truck with camouflage?  I really did not see you!"