Sunday, December 30, 2012


Happy 2 1/2 years old Birthday Harper!!!  Here are a few things Harps is into lately...

 showing her muscles
  • still LOVES to sing, her teachers told us that they had to stop playing Christmas music at naptime because she would sing the entire time and not take a nap
  • loves her baby, though she has many baby dolls she prefers a certain one and prefers for "baby" to have no clothes on and be called "baby"
  • still obsessed with purses and bags....whenever we go somewhere her purse and her baby must go with her.  She wants to take them inside the grocery store, etc.  I always tell her that she has to keep up with them and she does a good job with that.  She carries a big old purse of mine on her shoulder and baby in her hand.  The purse contains things like an old cell phone, play groceries, and other trinkets.
  • favorite TV show is Doc McStuffins on Disney (a little girl who fixes toys who come to life)
  • a few weeks ago her teachers informed me that Harper cries when the other girls in her class go to dance.  She says she doesn't have a "bag," meaning a dance bag.  So, we will be starting her in dance in January just so she will have a "bag."...I can't wait!!!!

  • says "yea Harper" or "yea daddy" after anyone does something
  • went through a little phase a few weeks ago of her saying "uh huh" instead of "yes"  DROVE ME CRAZY!!!!  Thank goodness it has pretty much stopped
  • about a month ago, she decided that she was scared of the now she will only take showers and she loves them.  
  • we took a side of the crib down in early November, she loves to crawl into her bed now,  keeping her in the bed didn't last very long.  one time I found her sleeping on the floor in the middle of the night she will also occasionally get out when she wakes up from her nap

  • she is obsessed with Aubie and Auburn...wants to wear her Aubie shirt to bed and asks us if we are going to Auburn tomorrow
  • stubborn and hard headed..."Harper do it" and "I do it"...wants to do everything by herself...get dressed, brush hair, pick out clothes, fix lunch, crawl into car and car seat, everything...
  • will not sit still except when she wants to cuddle or "hold you" - definitely a busybody
  • has an incredible sense of direction, she knows (without us telling her) when we are headed to church, school, chilck fil a, or any of the other places we go to a lot simply by the turns we make in the car
  • gets super excited when she sees images of Santa on TV...jumping up and down screaming excited
  • started a few weeks ago saying "sure" instead of "yes" when you ask her a question
  • also started asking "why" and "but why" over and over and over...
  • she also always carries her phone with her in her purse,  she ends every pretend phone conversation with  "talk a minute."  I guess that is her version of "talk to you later"
  • We are trying the whole potty training thing this week. She has been using the potty for months now, but we just never took a few days for the whole potty training bootcamp.  Honestly the fall is just really busy for us and the thought of having to use stadium toilets and other public bathrooms every weekend just grossed me out.  She has done well so far and the cheese puff bribes are a treat for her. 
  • In the past few weeks she we have seen a big change in her imagination play.  Before she would do pretend play with her babies and in her kitchen.  Now, she might suddenly jump on a pillow and say "hurry daddy you better get on the boat."
  • We still have not overcome our fear of the bathtub and only want to take showers