Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Bucket List

I've always thought the phrase "kicked the bucket" was interesting. It seemed like such a redneck thing when you hear, "Betty Sue kicked the bucket." It honestly makes me laugh and I don't quite know where the it comes from from (Ryan should check Wikipedia).  We saw the movie "The Bucket List" a couple months ago and loved it.  We decided that we needed to make our own bucket list, so here is a sample of our bucket list not in any particular order (and these could change next week!): 

1. Learn how to snowboard
2. Skydive in Hawaii
3. Stay at a dude ranch in Wyoming and let my inner cowgirl come out
4. Run through a never ending field of wildflowers
5. Ride a donkey in the Grand Canyon
6. Go on an African Safari
7. Go on a sunset Hot Air Balloon Ride with a bottle of champagne and my love
8. Go whale watching
9. Further the Kingdom.
10. Laugh with my children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren
11. Learn how to smock and knit well really just learn how to sew
12. Grow old with my love
13. Do a triathlon or marathon
14. Live at the lake

1.  Go to Ireland and Scotland and see the green hills you always see in photos
2.  Go to Italy and see places where our grandfathers served our country in WWII
3.  See and feel an active volcano in Hawaii (at least some lava flowing & the heat)
4.  Go to Israel and see historical places from the Bible
5.  Learn to be a good carpenter and be able to build stuff with my own two hands
6.  Go on an African safari
7.   Live on the lake
8.  Own a Corvette
9.  Participate in a cattle drive in Wyoming or Montana (ala City Slickers without the birthing)
10.  Be able to help bring unbelieving people close to me to Christ