Tuesday, August 23, 2011

14 months

She hates wearing shoes and socks.

She likes to brush her hair, and your hair.

She says "uh" after she gives you a kiss.

She still loves the wheels on the bus song.

She is learning how to brush her teeth.  

She calls everything that has 4 legs is a "dog."

She climbs UP the slide.

She is tough, yet also sensitive.

She loves to press the button to close the garage door.

She loves to turn the light switch on and off.

She loves books.

She puts a phone to her ear and says "hello."

She loves when you blow bubbles for her to pop.

She loves sleep.

She'll squeeze around your neck to give you a hug.

She can dance.

She can take her left shoe off very fast.

She loves strings.

She can point to your nose.

She has 12 teeth.

She no longer takes a paci.

She eats a banana every morning.

She will wear a bow for about 5 seconds.

She likes popsicles.

She likes to put our shoes on her feet.

She is a sponge.

We love you Harps!

Monday, August 15, 2011

First Day of School

Today was Harper's first day at her new school.  We will miss Mrs. Kristen, but look forward to the new adventure too.  She was all ready for her big debut.  As you can see, Harper has graduated to a backpack instead of the diaper bag, and she loves it!

She is a little unsteady with it on her back, but she'll get the hang of it!

Here is a face that we have come to know over the past few weeks / month.  We are starting a tantrum phase for sure.  Apparently once we started watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, all the school talk was for the birds and she let us know she did not want to leave the house this morning, she wanted Mickey and his hot dog dance time!

We were definitely worried this attitude might spell trouble for her new teachers on her first day.

Lucky for us (and them), she recovered and seemed to adjust pretty well.  They gave us a good daily report, and the first thing the teacher said to Emily when she picked Harper up was "She sure likes to eat!".  We are proud of her great appetite and love of most any food.  We hope it continues and she doesn't become a picky eater.

Anyway, in addition to the little report which tells us how much she ate and when she had a wet diaper or a "BM", we got this little gift showing her day today in photos.

 Apparently, she did pretty well, and at least today didn't seem to be the kid that cries constantly.  Somehow, they even got her to nap on the cot, which is astounding considering we can't get her to sit still for 2 seconds on the floor, let alone try to lay down in anything other than her crib.  Although we did notice someone in the photo is sitting beside her so maybe they had to hold her down at first!!!  HA HA.

She must have played hard because she was one tired monkey when Emily picked her up and she took a power nap on the way home.

Here's hoping day 2 goes as smoothly!!

Saturday, August 13, 2011


After we got home from the lake, Harper and I turned around and left  the next day for the beach.  I took 2 weeks off, and we spent most of it away from home.  I was nervous about the ride down by myself, but we bought a new car seat right before so hopefully the new scenery would buy me  a few hours.  I checked some Baby Einstein videos out at the library and rigged up the laptop in the backseat and off we went.  The 4 hour trip took 5 hours and we only stopped about 5 times.  

Harper really did not like the beach. She didn't like the sand and I think the waves made her a little nervous. 

Jacob enjoyed digging and playing in the sand. 

This little cutie had a blast!!

We spent most of our time at the pool.  Dad gave us this fabulous tent that was perfect!

Since we just got back from the lake, Harper got pretty tired of the water by the end of the trip.  10 days straight in this raft was enough for her.  

Jacob loved jumping off the side of the pool.

Thanks Mimi and Poppy Steve for letting us come stay.  We had a blast!