Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

Yes, her hair still stands straight up

Happy Valentine's Day!!!!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

7 Months

This was by far my favorite month!!!  Harper you have been so much fun!! We are starting to see little glimpses of your personality and my goodness you are so fun!!!
"Punky" has been your nickname lately.  I guess it came from spunky because you have quite the spunky personality.  It also matches your new spikey hair!!!  It sticks straight up on the top, but then you still have that original patch of dark hair in the back.  Everyone keeps saying your hair will be blonde.  I don't know, we are thinking it will be brownish red.
You seem to have some stubborness about you, which I honestly love.  You know what you want and you aren't afraid to voice your opinion to get it.  You will throw your head back, scream,  grunt, and do whatever you need to do to vent your frustration.  Yes, this may lead to plenty of fits as you get older but as an adult I know you will always go for your dreams and never let anything get in your way, and that makes me happy!
Mimi got to take care of you while we to to Arizona for the national championship.  Our 5 day trip ended up being a week because of snow and ice.  We missed you a lot, but enjoyed our time alone together and with our friends Matt & Sally.  Your second tooth came in on the bottom while we were gone.  You look so cute with those two little teeth.
You started this hugging thing. It is so cute. You grab our face and lean in towards us.  I love it!!! It is so sweet! It is so fun picking you up in the afternoon because you get so excited and always give me the biggest sweetest smile.   You still give those open mouth smiles, and we love it.
You are a crazy woman in bed.  When we get you up we never know what the bed will look like and what way you will be facing.  You like to move around and pull all the stuffed animals in close to you.

You have finally mastered eating!!!  You eat oatmeal with a few spoonfuls of fruit in the morning. Then for lunch you have a vegetable and a fruit and dinner is a veggie and a meat.  You are also taking four
6 ounce botttles a day.  We are learning that you are quite the picky eater.  You will eat something fine and then all of a sudden you don't like it and refuse to open your mouth.  You do love peaches and sweet potatoes.  Fruit seems to be your favorite thing.  I don't think we have found a fruit that you don't like.
Always, always grabbing things.  You rarely have your hands empty.  

Yes, that is crusted sweet potatoes on your nose...
I love that you still put your hands on your head when you are tired.  It is so cute and such an easy sign for us to know you are ready for bed.  As soon as we lay you in bed your hands immediately go to your head.
Mimi worked really hard on getting you to sit up.  You finally mastered it soon after we got home.  We can now plop you down on the floor with a toy and you will sit and sit and sit.  Yes,  you have fallen and bumped your head a few times, but I guess your hard headedness ( is that a word??)  comes in handy because you never cry.  You usually fall over because you are leaning over trying to get a toy, but lately you have figured out that you can just roll over and over to get to toys.

I know we keep saying this but you keep getting more and more fun each month (and easier).  We love watching you discover new things in your little world.   We love you sweet punky!!!