Tuesday, May 17, 2011

10 month pic

In all my frustration with blogspot, I forgot to add her 10 month and 2 weeks picture to the last post.

This is the only picture I could get of her sitting still and not trying to climb off.  She is very very fast these days.  We were done once I caught her with 1 hand diving off the chair.

Monday, May 9, 2011

10 months

My little Harps,
Wow!! You have grown so much lately! We are learning more and more about that big personality of yours.

You now have 8 teeth.  This month you got 4 on top and 2 more on the bottom.

Oops, yanked so hard you ripped the bumper pads.  
You no longer sleep on your back.  We usually find you with your knees tucked under and your butt up in the air and of course your hands are by your head.  You like to sleep on your side at nap time.  

It cracks me up to watch you eat cheerios from the snack trap.   Maggie is usually right besdide you waiting for you to drop one.

This picture cracks me up!!  This is the day "My Dad dressed me like a boy."  Ryan dressed her that Saturday morning and out we went to run errands.  Throughout the day we heard things like,  "oh how cute, how old is he."  "I just love his hair." " he is so cute" Sorry Harps, we never corrected anyone and just laughed.  This was also the last pciture we have the week before your hair started laying flat, sad.    

You liked your swing for about a week.  Now you scream, everytime we put you in it.  I guess we'll try again next month.

You love sitting in shopping carts.  You are so good, just looking around and taking in everything.

You love to play peek a boo and patty cake.  

You have become so independent and pull up on everything and anything.  Standing up does not scare you; you move from one thing to the next.  You don't really care for walking while we hold your hand.  Just like crawling that right foot seems to be hard to get moving. 

We got to visit with Will, Hoke, and Aunt Ginny.  

You enjoyed playing with all the new toys.  Ryan loved watching you play with cars.  

I can't wait to watch you all play together!!

You are one tough cookie.  You have fallen and run into things and barely even cry.

Nicknames: stink a link, punky

You love the wheels on the bus song. It is amazing, I sing it and you just stop screaming or crying...Glorious!!! 

Jacob is so sweet to Harper.  He loves to hold her, hug her, kiss her, and share things with her.  He is growing so much.  It seemed like yesterday he was Harper's age.  

I am so thankful for Ms. Kristin!!!!  Harper loves her so much!!  

You love drinking water from the sippy cup, but haven't gotten down the tilt the cup when you get to the end thing

You got your first taste of ice cream and loved it.

You are really a pretty good eater.  You love people food.  You are starting to get pretty messy, so we hav to strip you down to a diaper before dinner.  You usually end up with a bunch of food on your lap

We had start using a non velcro bib because you would rip the other one off.

You now hate riding in the car.  We have tried everything, but you scream.  Sometimes we give in and give you the paci.  We moved you from teh middle to the window side, we thought you could see more.

I miss that sweet face every day when I leave for work.  I can't wait to come home and play.  

Keep growing Harpsy!!
We love you!

(Sorry, this is so unorganized and short.  This new blogger is awful!  It won't type where I want to type and keeps moving things all over the place. )