Wednesday, January 11, 2012


It is official... most of you have heard...Harper is a biter.  She started her new school mid August and in 4 months has bitten 16 can do the math.  Yes, we have been given a spreadsheet with her bite incident stats.  I know all kids bite. I have heard it over and over and over and over from a lot of people.  I know it is a phase... I know, I know, but it doesn't make it easy.

We have said it from the time she was a few months old, she is feisty and she knows what she wants and will do anything to get it.  So I wanted to share a little situation that happened back in the fall.  I just want to be sure I don't forget it.

One day I was talking to another mom as I was picking Harps up from school.  She teaches at a neighboring elementary school and we have a few mutual friends.  She asked for my email address and said we needed to get our girls together for a playdate sometime. (How fun!).  As we walked out we talked about all the fun things our girls could do, how cute they were walking down the hall together, and all that mushy cute stuff moms talk about.  Well when we got to our cars she said "let me ask you something...has Harper been bitten yet?"  Oh no...panic set in!!!!  Well it just slipped, just like that I lied like a little kid and said "yes." I didn't even think about it and just said it...I totally lied for my child... Well she then goes on to talk about how her daughter had been bitten yesterday.  Oops... we got a note for that one!  I go on and try to totally downplay the whole thing and tell her "oh this just happens at this is a normal thing."  Totally telling her everything that everyone else has told me about biting.  As I am saying this I am freaking out and trying to escape towards my car because I realize that I just totally LIED and Harper is biting her kid.   She then says "I guess we just have a biter in the class."  I of course continue to try to downplay the whole thing.  Well then she proceeds to tell me that she has been thinking about talking to the director about it..."Well wouldn't that be a great idea!!!!", I thought.  By now I have escaped as much as I can and am putting Harper in her carseat. I tell her " don't need to do that... just don't worry... it is just a phase...have a nice weekend.  Bye!!!!"

Yes...I lied... and we have never gotten an email or an invitation for a playdate.  I guess maybe she found out...

Now we celebrate when Harper goes a week with no biting, and her daily prayers with us include "please help me to have self control and not bite my friends." 

They promoted her to the older class after Christmas.  The director told me that it is more structured, the children are older, and there is a lot more going on during the day.  So I guess they moved her because she is either A. gifted and needed a more challenging environment, or B. they got tired of mad parents.  (We think "A"!)  In talking to her new teacher about Harper's "behavior" she told me that "she won't have time to bite in here."  Well, we sure hope so. 

So the first week in her new class and I see the wonderful telltale white piece of paper in the cubby.  So of course I do what I normally do and make sure no other parent is looking as I sneak it from the cubby to my back pocket.  The teacher then informs me that someone bit her!!!!!  Hallelujah!!!  Apparently it hurt and Harper cried!!!  I couldn't help but be excited and I am pretty sure the teacher thinks I am nuts because I was.  We had a nice talk on the way home about how biting hurts your friends.  Hopefully this biting thing is over... we shall see...

Just look at those teeth  that cute smile!!! We could just eat her up...

Friday, January 6, 2012

long week...

I sure am glad this week is over. It has been long, tiring, and hard to get back in the routine.  We are glad for the weekend and hopefully we will all catch up on some sleep!!

I looked over on the couch tonight, and these 2 kiddos had crashed!!  They are my life, my heart, and I just love to watch them sleep!!!

Have a good weekend!!

18 months

I started this post when we were on Christmas break...  
I guess some day I'll get Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas pictures done.  
Harps turned  a year and a half the end of December and just seems to be growing more and more every day.  Since I can't dump my good camera pics, here are some random phone pictures and facts about our little Harpsy

her hair  is an awful mess every morning front and back are always teased and in knots

favorite foods: chicken, veggie straws, oranges, strawberries, peas, yogurt, apples, not a big veggie fan

says "whoooohhhh" when we turn a corner, slam on brakes, or do anything erratic in the car

she loves music. 
she will stop what she is doing if she hears music and usually dance

favorite songs on the radio: Party Rockers, sexy and I know it, tonight tonight

favorite songs to sing: itsy bitsy spider, ABC song, she also still loves wheels on the bus and patty cake

she will anticipate the next word or hand motion when we are singing itsy bitsy spider, wheels on bus or patty cake

she will sing along with you, sometimes her words make sense sometimes they don't, but she still sings and loves it

she got a tea set and play food from her aunts for Christmas and she LOVES them

she will set up her very own tea party all by herself

getting pretty good eating with fork and spoon

will NOT keep a pony tail, barrette, or bow in hair, will not...

she still always tries to take her shoes off in the car

she will let you know if she doesn't like the song on the radio  by saying "no, no, no"

she loves music with a strong beat, which is probably why she prefers 103.7 or 99.5

skyping with Nonni and Pops

loves to be silly!!

still does not like being confined in car seat, tries to bust out

loves to twirl around and around in circles

she woke up Christmas morning with a high fever and ended up having a bad ear infection 

likes doing forward rolls, with help of course

does this little tilt head to side thing when she dances

pretty much repeats EVERYTHING we say 

we were very excited to hear her say mimi, nonni, pops, amen, and acki over the holidays

we are still working on I Love You

she LOVES her cousin Jacob... she gets so excited when she sees him and will just follow him around

she is very very tickilish and we just love it when she laughs that hard
we never know what we will find when we go check on her at night

she still loves  books 

she will imitate reading the book, she puts it in her lap, turns the page, and her voice gets louder as she says a bunch of jumbled up sounds, it is so cute and makes this teacher momma happy!!

she goes to get the paper with Ryan every morning and still gets so excited when it is time

has learned what time out is, and it works!!

will count to 3 with you but really likes 2, usually it is "one, two, go" , she never forgets "two" or "go"

she wears a size 4 diaper

she will put her  clothes in the dirty clothes basket when you ask her to

she also doesn't understand that shoes don't go in the dirty clothes basket

Obsessed  with closing doors, loves to close herself into a dark closet and will stay there until I open the door

LOVES STICKERS and seems to always put them on her neck, we can't quite figure this one out

Loves to put on one of her many purses and say bye bye

18 month stats: 
32 inches tall 70th%tile
23 pounds 50th%tile 

We love you very very much Harper!!