Tuesday, August 23, 2011

14 months

She hates wearing shoes and socks.

She likes to brush her hair, and your hair.

She says "uh" after she gives you a kiss.

She still loves the wheels on the bus song.

She is learning how to brush her teeth.  

She calls everything that has 4 legs is a "dog."

She climbs UP the slide.

She is tough, yet also sensitive.

She loves to press the button to close the garage door.

She loves to turn the light switch on and off.

She loves books.

She puts a phone to her ear and says "hello."

She loves when you blow bubbles for her to pop.

She loves sleep.

She'll squeeze around your neck to give you a hug.

She can dance.

She can take her left shoe off very fast.

She loves strings.

She can point to your nose.

She has 12 teeth.

She no longer takes a paci.

She eats a banana every morning.

She will wear a bow for about 5 seconds.

She likes popsicles.

She likes to put our shoes on her feet.

She is a sponge.

We love you Harps!

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  1. Is she 15 months yet?? I need my Harper fix!!