Saturday, August 13, 2011


After we got home from the lake, Harper and I turned around and left  the next day for the beach.  I took 2 weeks off, and we spent most of it away from home.  I was nervous about the ride down by myself, but we bought a new car seat right before so hopefully the new scenery would buy me  a few hours.  I checked some Baby Einstein videos out at the library and rigged up the laptop in the backseat and off we went.  The 4 hour trip took 5 hours and we only stopped about 5 times.  

Harper really did not like the beach. She didn't like the sand and I think the waves made her a little nervous. 

Jacob enjoyed digging and playing in the sand. 

This little cutie had a blast!!

We spent most of our time at the pool.  Dad gave us this fabulous tent that was perfect!

Since we just got back from the lake, Harper got pretty tired of the water by the end of the trip.  10 days straight in this raft was enough for her.  

Jacob loved jumping off the side of the pool.

Thanks Mimi and Poppy Steve for letting us come stay.  We had a blast! 

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