Saturday, January 3, 2009

Reality TV

I have to admit I have an addiction to reality tv shows.  Not all of them.  I just seem to find a set few and watch them episode after episode.  Ryan and I have recently become hooked to a show called Momma's Boys.  It is sort of like The Bachelor, but they have thrown the moms into the house with all the girls.  It is awesome.  This one mother is very very opinionated and likes to tell everyone what she thinks.  Poor thing has to sleep on the couch every night because no one likes her. Last week they decided to bring in a huge glass vault with background info on each girl.  So of course the girls who had been in various magazines and websites in the past were freaking out.  Then of course one girl, in her early 20s, had already had 2 breast agumentations, botox, liposuction, nose job, hair extensions, and was already $120,000 in debt!!!! Her explanation to the mother was that she just liked to shop.  Well, that boy decided that he wanted to keep her. What the heck!!! Anyway, it comes on Monday nights.  

The new season of The Bachelor starts Monday night!! Thank goodness for TiVo!! 

Here is my Top 10 Favorite Reality Shows
Extreme Home Makeover
Rob and Big
The Bachelor
Momma's Boys
Jon and Kate Plus 8
The Biggest Loser
Amazing Race
Nanny 911
The Next Food Network Star
Anything else on TLC


  1. I am so glad you wrote on my blog!! Now I can keep up with you! And reality tv...we are just as addicted.

  2. How funny! I love reality tv too! The bachelor was hilarious yesterday. I got John to watch with me and he made comments on every girl (mostly that they were annoying.) I may have to check that one out!