Friday, November 26, 2010

Gobble, Gobble

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving with Ryan's parents, Ginny & Robby, & the Kennedy's.

Loved getting to spend some time with Will & Hoke. They are at such a fun age.
Ryan and Robby fried a turkey. It was so good!!! I sure am glad we did not have to call the fire department. I forgot to get a picture of the fire hose that they had to use. I don't really know exactly what happened; all I know is that it smelled like McDonald's when I walked outside.
The boys and their granddads.
This has become Harper's favorite spot when she gets fussy. She will just lay her head on his chest for the longest time, sometimes she falls asleep, sometimes she just lays her head down.

We tried to get a picture of them, but of course it was hard to get them all smiling.

Harper decided to play with Will's clothes, and well he didn't really like that.
Hoke is always very sweet and gentle with Harper. These two are actually a lot alike.
Happy Thanksgiving!!

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