Monday, June 6, 2011

11 months

May was a very busy month for us.  If we were in town, we had a lot going on. I am looking forward to some time just relaxing in June.  Harper continues to be such fun and easy girl.  Every month she grows more and more and we love watching her grow and discover new things.

 This month she discovered herself on the frig.  Apparently, she likes it because the frig is disgusting.

 She got 4 new teeth, 2 came in on the top and bottom.  She really is not a bad teether.  The only way we know is that she gets a runny nose and sometimes runs a slight fever.  She still sleeps great and chews on everything.

 a little upset when we were trying to take a picture of her teeth

 We spent Mother's Day in Hartselle.  We had a great day visiting with family and playing with cousins. 

 I loved being able to spend mother's day with my mom and both of my grandmother's.  

This girl would much rather bang on the window at Maggie than play with any toy

or we could just go in our room and pull every book off the shelf when no one is watching

she still loves making noises with her mouth

we went to the Samford vs Auburn baseball game and kept her up way past her bed time

Harper has gotten really good at eating real food.  Spaghetti was a favorite.  She can be really funny about food. She will refuse to eat it and throw it to Maggie, but if I stuff it in her mouth then she realizes she likes it and will eat it.  I think she has a thing with textures so she doesn't like picking some things up with her fingers.  If she realizes she likes it then she'll eat it.  Chicken seems to be a favorite and most veggies.  She loved baby food fruit, but not a big fan of real fruit.  She loves banana, but that is about it.

Harper loves getting on Ryan's shoulders.  She just grabs onto his hair is will stay forever.  I guess she likes the view.

Love these girls and their mommas.  This picture just makes me smile.   

Happy Birthday breakfast!! 

A few more stats on Harper...

she hates getting dressed
props right leg up when in high chair & prefers sitting sideways
learned how to unplug things
obsessed with remotes & cords
loves playing in the baby pool
definitely a belly sleeper, and is usually face down with butt up in the air
still hates riding in her car, she doesn't cry but screams on and off, which makes for a nice ride
pulls up and cruises on everything!!!  
Will occasionally stand by herself
loves throwing cotton balls all over the bathroom
waves bye bye 
says "hey dada, maee (Maggie), Heeyyyy, ank you (thank you), uh  uh uh (uh oh)
points at things she wants
loves dropping things and saying uh uh uh
if she doesn't like it, she throws it on the floor and that goes for food and everything else
for sure a right hander

I cannot believe you are almost 1
 1 more month... I can't believe it.  
We love you very very much Harpsy!!!

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  1. Love seeing pictures of her!! Can't wait to play with her again!