Monday, May 7, 2012

22 months

Wow this winter/spring has flown by!!! Folks we don't see everyday keep asking for Harper updates so here it is in my random thoughts and some pictures from the past 3 months

  • She LOVES to sing. I mean sings all the time.  My favorite is when she mixes different songs together.  Ba ba blacksheep turns into Jesus Loves Me and ends with The Barney Song.  
  • Her teachers say she loves music time and sings even if she doesn't know the words
  • Songs she can sing by herself: Jesus Loves Me, ABCs, You are My Sunshine,  Ba Ba Blacksheep, Itsy Bitsy,  I like to eat eat apples..., I'm bringing home a baby bumblebee, Happy Birhtday to you, Where is thumbkin, rock a bye baby, twinkle twinkle, BINGO,  ring around the rosy, Barney song, Auburn Fight Song

  • Loves to flush the toilet
  • very picky eater
  • this week when I was dropping her off at school, I started the whole talk about being a good girl and following directions, etc.  She looked at me with a big smile and said "I ready, I love school!!!"
  • Saying a lot of 3 & 4 word sentences 
  • Says "I do that" whenever she does something by herself

  • bit at school this week, first time in 2 months!!!
  • still hates to wear shoes
  • loves crocs
  • Loves to SING!!!!
  • LOVES Maggie!!!!
  • Harper is very loving.  She loves to say "I love you" and will often just randomly say it, which I love,  a lot of times she yells it as we are walking in the store, I love it, she yells "I love you Mommy"  it is so sweet!!  

  • She still loves to read and flip through books
  • loves to play with my makeup and try to put it on
  • starting to get more attached to blanket and stuffed animals that she sleeps with
  • DIP...dip, dip, dip,  dip...DIP...Harper loves to dip and sometimes we "dip" just to get a few veggies down.  
  • still loves pushing stroller and grocery buggy

  • she notices everything when we are driving...I often hear "mommy bird," "look mommy ambuluance." "motorcycle," "schoolbus,"  "Mommy Playground"
  • loves to help me cook and unload the dishwasher.  If she sees me doing something in the kitchen she pushes the chair over to the counter so she can "help mommy"
  • Did I mention how much she sings????
  • She loves to put a purse on her shoulder and then make sure she gets our attention as she says "I be back" as she walks out the room.  

  •  Whenever we pass Target or Publix in the car she starts saying "buggy, buggy" She loves to ride in the buggy at the store. Of course the car buggy is her favorite at Publix. I made the mistake of taking her during the busieset time and of course all the car buggies were gone and she pitched a royal fit as I tried to put her in the regular buggy.  
  • She can throw a fit and will usually go and walk herself to the timeout chair, sit, and then she gets up like a different child and will do whatever she was telling you "no" that she wouldn't do
  • When she wants someone to hold her she says "I hold you"

  • Favorite foods: yogurt, ketchup, cheese, go go squeeze, pizza, fruit, cheez its, any type of meat
  • Favorite movies: The Little Engine That Could
  • Favorite shows: Barney, Elmo, Mickey Mouse Playhouse
  • She can sing her ABCs, count to 10, and we are working on her colors, she says everything is "pink"
We can't believe you are going to be 2 in a few months.  We love you and you are such a blast!!!

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