Thursday, June 4, 2009

The letter

The letter came in the mail last week addressed to me on very nice letterhead. It stated how I hadn't visited in a while and they missed me. How nice of them to notice. Yes, we had been a little busy lately, and I did really miss my daily visit. So this morning I packed my bag and headed over after work. I walked in said hello and began to notice some of the changes since April.
Here are a few things I noticed and observed:
1. Every boy under the age of 20 was wearing a colored wife beater. Yes colored. Red, Gray, Black, mostly black. I sure hope this is not a new trend.
2. Every person over the age of 70 was wearing pants, long sleeves, and a jacket. My how things change from 20-75
3. I don't really like my exercise playlist anymore. I'm tired of all the rap, rock, and hip hop songs. The only thing that worked good for me was Hillsong and Third Day.
4. I need new running shoes
5. My knee popped a few times. Am I getting old?
6. There should be a required dress code. I do not like those short running shorts on men. They just look funny.
7. There should be directions posted on how to work the rowing machine. I really want to use it, but I can't figure it out.
8. I missed my old friends that I saw every afternoon. Even though I had never had conversations with many of them, I was nice to smile and say hello.
Thank you YMCA for caring enough about me to send me a letter, see you again tomorrow.

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