Friday, January 15, 2010

just arrived...

Look what just arrived on my door step...safely. I am very excited about this new "book." I have heard so many people go on and on about it. No, it is not a another cookbook to add to the collection. It is a book. A beautiful book with beautiful pictures, words, and yes beautiful food. Yes, Ryan we did just send a box of cookbooks to Salvation Army, but this one is different, I promise. I promise to share any recipes that I find shareworthy. No, Maggie did not chew up this package. We did manage to chase down the big brown truck and convince the delivery lady to put packages inside the storm door. This package didn't quite make it inside the door. But Maggie held off her temptation, thank goodness. I do need to post some pictures of the Merrill shoes she did manage to get a hold of. Do you think she knows that things might be changing in a few months???


  1. I love, love, LOVE the Pioneer Woman! I have the cookbook too! I have made several of her recipes and they are great!

  2. I made the egg ina basket yesterday morning! Cant wait to try the pot pie and apple pie soon!