Tuesday, February 23, 2010

It's a...

Well we had our big ultrasound last week. And no, we did not find out what it is... I promise. Although Ryan did almost cave in at the last minute, thank goodness one of us stayed strong.

Peanut looked perfect, absolutely perfect. We enjoyed seeing every part of him; heart chambers, kidneys, stomach, ribs, fingers, toes, stomach, diaphragm, brain, etc. It is amazing what all they can see with those machines. It is true that you really do become so focused on the being sure that everything is okay that you forget about the finding out part. She obviously did not want us to find out either because the technician was even having a hard time finding her feet. She said she probably would of had a hard time finding it anyway because he was hiding everything.

Ryan seems to think that it is a girl since we didn't see anything. I'm just going to let him think that. Oh, and I have and will continue to use "he" and "she." I don't really want to call it an "it" so we have just started calling it both he and she.
The technician switched the machine over to 4D to try to find the feet. Then she moved it up to peanut's face to try to get a good profile shot. Interesting picture. As Ryan said "it looks like a cat." So there it is folks our precious little peanut has now grown into a cat.

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