Thursday, April 15, 2010

On the Plains

We took a weekend trip to Auburn back in the end of February. We had been wanting to go to a basketball game all season and found a weekend where there was a basketball game and the first home baseball game. So we headed down and spent a beautiful Saturday afternoon at the baseball park. It was the first weekend of spring like weather. I was so thankful we got to spend so much time outdoors.

Then we walked over the the coliseum for a basketball game. I am glad we got to go since it was the last season in the coliseum. Auburn was actually good in basketball when we were there. We got student season tickets for a few years and enjoyed many good games in the coliseum.
Ryan and Maggie playing in front of Samford

We were able to bring Maggie with us on the trip. Apparently the conference center allows your pets to stay with you, which was fun. At night we took walks around campus.

Family Picture

Picnic lunch

We ended the weekend with a nice picnic lunch in one of the fields. My favorite all time favorite Auburn menu item: Turkey roll up, sweet potato chips, and a side of honey mustard. It was a wonderful relaxing weekend just spending time together. We were so thankful to finally have spring like weather and be able to spend so much time outdoors. Hopefully we can make it back for one more overnight trip and baseball game before peanut comes.

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