Wednesday, December 29, 2010

5 months

So here's to what I can remember from Harper's 5th month...

Loves looking in the mirror after bathtime

still has the smallest feet 

they are the same size as baby Jackson's who is 4 weeks old

I just love those crooked toes

beautiful eyes

First taste of cereal....didn't quite know what to do with it

Auburn Georgia game

slept the first 3 quarters

the last quarter was a little too exciting for the person holding her

thank goodness for ear plugs

she was very proud of her rolling over ability

so much that she constantly rolled over anytime you put her on her back

then of course she cried when she found herself on her tummy  

which made us do the flip flop thing over and over at bedtime

finally realized, duh, just roll up a blacket so she can't roll 

boy I wish we'd figured that out earlier

really started grabbing at toys and actually playing with them

 Random laundry counting: 

23 burp clothes and 21 bibs used in 1 week...

they say 4 months is the "peak" of reflux...

 laying on Ryan's chest seems to be the best way to get her to stop crying

of course he must be standing up while holding her

started this straightening of the left leg thing... 

when she is laying on the changing table or swing she loves to straighten her leg right up in the air

yes, she usually points her toes

tried the exersaucer for the first time

very good and pinching and pulling hair

prefers a paci but loves her left thumb

getting pretty good at pitching a fit

but we still thinks she's cute

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