Saturday, January 1, 2011

6 months

Harper, we can't believe you are 6 months old.  It is true, time really does fly by.  You have been so much fun to watch lately.  We are seeing a little more of your personality every day.  You are quite the fiesty one.  We could say that you are determined.  When you want something you want it right then.  You love being around all the action; not wanting to miss out on anything.  You love watching other children and will even miss naps because you just want to watch everyone.  

We had a busy December.  We went to Nonni and Pops' house at the beginning of the month for the SEC Championship game. We didn't go to the game, but we did get to spend the weekend with Will & Hoke.  Dan & Jere even came over to visit, (though they weren't as thrilled with Auburn's victory as we were).

When you get mad you throw your body and head back. I guess it is your little way of pitching a fit. 
Pretty cute

Then you quickly go back to your little self

We got to spend some time with Kate.  Thank goodness yall are doing a little more than just staring at each other.  We can't wait until you acually play.  Anna Barton will be here before we know it and we will hopefully get to meet Indihi very soon!!!

You had your first overnight away from us this month.  I don't know why we haven't done it before. I guess we just never really had a reason.  So you spent the night with Mimi and Poppy Steve while we went to our small group party and had a little birthday breakfast. 

Still doing that leg up in the air thing.  

You also started with making an Ewok or Chewbacca type sound a few weeks ago.  You are very proud of this new sound. That is all you did the first few days you discovered it.  One night you laid in bed for 45 minutes just talking away; never cried just made, your little noises.  We thought it was pretty funny.  You can also get on this screaming kick, where you're not mad or upset you just like to hear yourself scream.  

You are getting pretty good at sitting up.  You will sit for a few seconds then you'll lean over, sometimes you catch yourself or we catch you, sometimes we don't.  

We think you are going to be shy.  Sometimes when people talk to you, you smile then very shyly turn/bury your head.  It is pretty cute.    

I have loved being home with you these past 2 weeks of Christmas break. I had to work 2 days before Christmas.  You were sick so I just took you to work with me. You were wonderful. You just slept in your pack n play and I got a lot of work done.  Then the second day was a disaster.  I think you might of slept 30 minutes all day!!!!  

We were pretty busy the week before Christmas, but this week has been so relaxing.  I love our snuggle time in the morning.  We just lay on the couch after your first bottle and watch the Today show.  We both usually take a little nap.  I just love that snuggle time with you.  I know it will be hard going back to work next week.  

Apparently you feel you are too much of a big girl for the bouncy seat. You hate it.  This tilt head back, go into back bend thing always happens when we put you in it.  I guess it just isn't very entertaining.  The exer-saucer is starting to become more of your thing.

You have gotten better at eating your cereal.  You sometimes get lazy towards the end and we have to stuff your paci in to make you swallow.  Less of it ends up on your face than it used to.  This picture is from the beginning of the month when it always ended up all over the place.  

We started putting apples in your cereal at the beginning of the month.  You really liked it and would make "ummmm" noises while you ate.  So far you have eaten sweet potatoes, carrots, and apples.  You are getting much better at swallowing. 

You are always ready for the next bite, we are working on being patient and learning to slow down.  

Wiping all the food off your face is NOT your favorite part.

 You have really discovered faces lately. You love to grab our faces when we talk to you. 

You had your first "sickness" this month.  On Saturday you sounded like an 80-year-old smoker with a runny nose and cough.  You weren't running a fever, but Ryan wasn't either when he had bronchitus. So we debated taking you to the doctor, but after you coughed for most of the night we took you in Sunday morning.  Of course we paid $30 for the doctor to tell us that is was a cold and to give you saline drops, nice. Thanks doc.  You went to school with me on Monday and by Tuesday you were much better.  I guess as we get used to this parent thing we will get better at telling when to go to the doc and when to not go.  We did find out that you weighed 14 pounds 1 oz.  That  darn reflux has caused you to not gain much weight the past 2 months.  We talked to the doc about this and he suggested a new formula which has worked wonderfully the past few weeks.  We no longer have to keep a bib on you all day long!!!!!  That is a big milestone!!!

Nicknames: Harps, Punky, Harpsey

You love playing with all your new toys you got for Christmas. You love mirrors, things that light up, singing songs, and toys with different textures.  We noticed you scraping your fingers on things the past few weeks. You would scrape your fingers on the wall on your car seat, couch, our rain jackets etc.  I guess you like the sound it makes and how it feels. 

We saw your first tooth trying to peak through on the 28th.  It took a few days for us to see all white.  Ryan and I have determined that teething is not our favorite thing.  You are very clingy, winey, and will not eat from 9am-5pm.  You take a good bottle first thing and before you go to bed and will only eat baby food throughtout the day.  I guess the bottle hurts too much.  Thank goodness you are still sleeping during the day and night like a champ.  I was very worried that you would be keeping us up all night.  Thank you!!!!!!

1 week old picture

6 months old

Harps thanks for all the laughs, smiles, cries, and funny noises.  You have been a blast to try to figure this parenting thing out with.  Thanks for being patient with us and always knowing how to make us smile.  We love you punky!!!

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  1. Em - I love that picture of you holding Harper. You should frame it - it is beautiful of both of you!!