Tuesday, January 18, 2011


I'll blame it on the card reader for lack of posts.  We had an awesome time in Arizona.  Took over 500 pictures and 1100 miles on the rental car.  It was a much needed vacation for us and a BLAST!!!  The problem is we can't seem to get the pictures off my camera.  You see for Christmas Santa gave me a fancy new camera.  I love it and have taken a bazillion pics but, we have had a hard time getting card readers to show up on the mac.  Yes, I was able to get the Christmas pictures, but I am a little more nervous about the pics from Glendale.  Specifically because I got a video of the crowd from the intro All I do is win song.  Yes, it was one of my favorite moments of the game and I don't want to loose that video.  So, I am hoping that Ryan remembers to stop by Walle World on the way home to get a new memory card. Harps and I are hanging out watching The Bachelor from last night.  So, for now I have no pictures and  Harper has moved to  the swing and has just chunked her paci at me.   I guess she is tired of her swing and I have no idea what we are having for dinner.  I promise to post some pics later and give an update from our 6 month checkup today.
Here are some pics from the Kidz Closet photoshoot.  This was the day before her first tooth came in, so  the fingers would not stay out of the mouth!!!

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