Monday, August 30, 2010

2 Months

Wow this month has flown by. I know I will probably say that a lot, but by golley it is true. August was a fun month and I just can't believe how much you have changed. You are starting to do a lot more than just eat, sleep, and poop. Here are a few things that have happened this month.

We noticed you really started cooing and smiling when you were 6 weeks old. Since then you do it more and more and we love it. This past week you started doing it when you were supposed to be going to sleep. You would just look up in your crib and give this big ole smile. Not the most appropriate time for a smile, but we'll take it. It makes that middle of the night feeding much easier.

You finally like sitting in your swing, bouncy, and laying on your mat. I can actually put you down and you are perfectly content. This morning I turned your mobile on and you laid in your crib for 45 minutes just kicking your arms and feet. I never heard a peep out of you. I was able to take a shower and get ready and you were perfectly content. Thank you!!!!

Last week is really when I finally felt like I had figured you out. I finally got us on a good schedule during the day that seems to be working well. Now if we could just get you to sleep longer between feedings at night. You will occasionally go on a 7 hour spurt, but I wish we could see that more often.

This month you went on a lot of outings. When you were 6 weeks old we took a trip to the lake. It was a much needed vacation for us all. Your dad (that feels weird to say) and I got some much needed relaxing time together. We were very thankful that the monitor would work on the dock so that we could relax while you were taking naps. Dan & Jere also enjoyed meeting you and of course Nonni & pops loved spending time with you.

At 5 weeks we switched you to size 1 diapers. You also got these cute little rolls in your thighs. I am still praying that you will have your dad's legs.

We went for your checkup at 6 weeks. You weighed 11lbs 3 oz (90th percentile) and your were 22.5 inches long (90th percentile). Last night daddy weighed you on the wii and you were 11 lbs 8 oz, so you are still a growing girl. You have grown out of your newborn clothes and have started to fit into all the cute big girl clothes. I have loved dressing you up in all the dresses I wore as a baby. Gigi (Jennifer) bought you an Auburn bow that looks so cute on you. I put your Auburn onesie and bow on one saturday and your daddy made me take it off. He said it was your gameday outfit. He didn't want to jinx it. You will learn that he is quite the devoted fan.

You had your first trip to the church nursery at 7 weeks. Mr. Nathan said you were an angel. He even sent us a picture of you during church with your bloomers on your head!! I guess since it was your first time he had to mess with you a little. We were very glad to get to see all our moutaintop family and enjoy worship together! Boy did we miss it!!!

Maggie has really started to pay more attention to you. She will just come up and give you kisses and lay by you. It is really sweet. She still likes to sleep in your room.

You also took a trip back to St. Vincent's to meet Kate. I know you don't know it yet but Kate is going to be one of your best friends. Kate's mommy and I have been friends since we were 13 years old. Kate is such a cute girl and I can't wait for us to have play dates together. We will also find out soon what Rachel is having. I can't wait!!!

Everyone has been saying that you look more like your daddy. Your hair and eye brows have starting to lighten up and we are seeing a little bit of red in your hair!!

One of my favorite times of the day is in the morning. I feed you at 6 then we eat breakfast with daddy. You just sit by him and just laugh and smile at us. We love it!! It is one of your happiest times of the day and one of our favorite.

You finally sent your dad to hang his head over teh toilet. He was changing you and you pooped all over him. Up his arm, hands, all over his clothes. It was hysterical!!! He was gagging and ran to the toilet. It was so funny. I finally got to tell him, "see how I felt for 9 months!!!"

You are really not liking your swaddle lately. So today I put you down for your afternoon nap without it. You went right to sleep. Maybe you have outgrown your swaddle, we'll see. I still think you will be a belly sleeper.

Nicknames for you: Harps, munchkin, muffin, precious, and muffaletta

Harper, this is my last month at home with you. I tear up every time I think about going back to work. I am going to try to soak in every moment I have with you. I know Ms. Kristen is going to take good care of you. I will just miss spending the day with you.

Harper, I love you more and more every day. I promise I will continue praying for you and for God has in store for you. I love you very much!!!


  1. Please keep posting these! I love watching her grow! Absolutely gorgeous!