Thursday, March 10, 2011

8 months

Oh my goodness!!!!  I can't believe it!!! 

8 months, that means only 4 more and I can't call you a baby, sad.

This month flew by.  I don't really even know where to start cause it seemed like yesterday it was January.

You are pretty easy now, just plop you on the floor with a toy and you are good to go.  I am honestly trying to not encourage the crawling thing. I know that is not what a good mom would do, but I just know how active you'll be once you can crawl.  You are just so easy now.

You will get up on your knees and rock back and forth, which everyone says is the beginning of crawling. I do think it is funny when you plop down on your belly and kick your feet like your swimming, pretty cute.

It seems like you have been teething all month. You drool, don't eat, and have been running a slight fever for weeks now.  I sure hope those top teeth come in very very soon.  Thank goodness you are still sleeping good at night.

We switched you to size 3 diapers. Yes, I think you could still fit in size 2, but we had a box of 3 that someone had gave us, so we figured we'd give it a try.

You still put your hands on your head when you are getting sleepy.  So cute!!!

You have started saying more consonant sounds. One morning it sounded like you repeating "hey."  We'd say it and I promise you sounded just like it. I wouldn't say that was your first word, but I definitely think one will be very soon.

You love watching Maggie and other kids.  You just stare at them and seem to be so content around them. 

You prefer newspaper and magazines over toys.

The weather has been gorgeous the past few weeks, in the 60s and 70s.  We put your swing up in the backyard.  You just love being outside.  Whether it is swinging, walking, or just playing in your exersaucer on the porch it seems to relax you. 

You seem  to have a pretty consistent morning and afternoon nap. You usually go right back to sleep once we drop you off at Kristen's.  You might take a short 45 min. nap around lunchtime, then you always take a good 2+ hour nap around 2.  You are still sleeping 12 hours at night, which is wonderful!!!!  Sometimes you wake up around 3, you might cry for 10 or 15 seconds, then you go right back to sleep.  We are very thankful that you sleep so good!

We start getting you ready for bed around 6:30 and then wake you up at 6.  On the weekends you'll sleep till 7:30 or 8. You move around a lot at night.  

Sometimes you sleep on your stomach,  but most of the time you sleep on your back with your hands by your head.

We usually go in and peak at your before bed. We just stare at you and marvel.  Of course we think you are the cutest thing.  Then  we laugh at how you have moved your animals around.   Sometimes you are just so cute that we pick you up and give you a quick squeeze, then put you back down.  You always go right back to sleep.

Fruit seems to be your favorite food.  You still love sweet potatoes, squash, corn, and carrots.  We have to sneak other veggies in with fruit.  We like to give you tastes of table food. 

 Somehow you leaned how to chew.   

You like pizza sauce, but gave some funny faces with jumbalya.  You will eat puffs, but seem to think it is more fun to give them to Maggie.  You are still a little uncoordinated putting them in your mouth, but it won't be long.

Sophie, the giraffe, is a favorite.

I tried to take Harper's 8 month picture one afternoon by myself.  It was Miss Kristen's birthday that day so we were sportin the birthday dress to school.   

So in a matter of a minute she smiled for me once, then managed to quickly make her way off the chair.  She is getting pretty fast.  Remote Controls seem to be the thing she always goes after.

Harps, you are such a happy baby.   You love to laugh and smile and just bring such joy to our lives.  We love you sweet girl!!!

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  1. I don't know how, but she just gets cuter and cuter. Miss y'all!!