Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I want...

Sometimes I just want to lay on the floor, kick my feet, throw my arms, and pitch me a good ole fit.  I mean I really think that would make me feel better. After a long long day don't you sometimes just want to do that.  Yes, I know it is immature and so on and on, but if no one sees it, who cares.  So to make me feel better here is a list of everything I am laying on the floor and screaming that I want,
in no particular order
I want
a big sofa for the screened in porch with big fluffy pillows
to knock the wall down between the living room and kitchen and make it one big room
time to read
a maid & personal shopper
to work from 9-1
a tropical vacation with just ryan
a vegetable garden
to paint my front door
to update iphoto & imovie
to lose 20 pounds
to teach Harper how to sign
to go to an Auburn baseball game, or maybe just a baseball game on a beautiful spring day
to get a pedicure
a surprise
to never scrub a shower for the rest of my life
to get my yard landscaped
to learn to sew and have time to actually do it
to watch a live taping of Modern Family, don't know if they do that, but I want to
to go to New Orleans for a weekend
to remember learn how to take pictures using the manual settings

okay i guess i could go on but since most of you want to see pics of harps, here is one of her and Jacob last weekend swinging  

They look a little alike don't they???
They needed a nap...

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