Thursday, March 24, 2011

Spring Break

For the past 7 years Ryan and I have spent part of spring break at the lake. Pre Harper trips included both of us reading at least 3 books, puzzles,  games,  naps, bike rides, walks, trying out new recipes, more naps, and movies.  Relax would probably be the word I would use to describe our break.  We joked about what this trip would be like with a little one joining us.  It was definatly different, but it was good.   

The weather was beautiful so we stayed outside all day.  Harps did fine playing in her pack n play. 
 Of course the magazine was her favorite toy. 

 Ryan got some books read and I caught up on all my magazines. 

Maggie loves swimming and playing with Jack, Dan & Jere's dog. 

 Playing with sticks

Watching Maggie swim.  Check out that hair!!!

We didn't have an umbrella, so we made a little tent for Harps.  

People magazine is a lake read must

Dan, Jere, & the Miller's joined us on Friday. 

She's teething... please don't call DHR

I had to get her picture in the tutu bathingsuit.  

Dan & Jere gave Harper her first pair of sunglasses.

She did not like wearing that life jacket!!

Dan & Jere
Still does not like that thing!!

Looking out the front of the boat seemed to be the only thing that kept her happy.  I have never seen her that still, awake.  She just sat there forever not moving at all and looking straight ahead.  This was so unlike the constantly moving Harper.

Saturday night we enjoyed the fire pit Ryan and Dan built.  
We had smores and our own little karaoke. 

What a great spring break!!!

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